The procedure for personnel placement

Occupational groups (skilled workers and helpers with English language skills)
All candidates proposed by us speak English – at least on a communication level.
You can evaluate these language skills at any time by phone.
We specialize in the placement of trained, among others:

  • Medical professionals
  • Locksmiths, machinists, toolmakers
  • welders (all types with TüV certificates and other common welding certificates)
  • personnel in the construction industry
  • carpenters, joiners
  • carpenters
  • GWH installer 7
  • car mechanics, painters,
  • CNC operators, CNC programmers,
  • forklift drivers,
  • truck and car mechanics,
  • truck drivers,
  • electricians, electronic technicians
  • Helpers in various fields

Applicants usually bring a high willingness to travel with them and some have their own car.


You will receive the applicant profile within a very short time, after you have informed us about your needs, or have filled out questionnaires prepared by us. We recruit nationally and internationally. Our permanent staff in our administration includes about 15 employees. In total, the portfolio currently includes about 100 applicants

Procedure of cooperation – 10 steps:

1st step: You send us your search request (requirement profile, place of work, start date, remuneration).

2nd step: You receive the profiles prepared in English with all contact data.

3rd step: You can call the applicant or Skype with him/her.

4th step: You accept the applicant.

5th step: We send the applicant a written information about the working conditions.

6th step: you send the assignment notification and employment contract to us and to the selected applicants by email (optional).

7th step: You find the accommodation for the employee.

8th step: We inform the applicant when and where he/she should arrive.

9th step: We contact the employee after his/her arrival and inform you about his/her arrival.

10th step: We coordinate the employee’s stay and help to solve various problems.


We are remunerated on a commission basis.