• What is the specific qualification (job title) and what are the minimum
requirements for the activities to be performed?

• What number of skilled workers do you need?

• Do you favour an age range? If yes – which one?

• When should employees start working in your company?

• Where are predominantly the assignment or work locations?

• What language requirements must the candidate have? (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1)

• What is the salary progression for this job?
a) What is the starting hourly wage?
b) What is the hourly wage after the probationary period?

• Does your company offer any assistance, in finding low-cost housing?

• What would be the estimated monthly rent for housing during the probationary period? Does the accommodation have WLAN?

• What are the working hours per week? What is the vacation entitlement?

• What is the term/duration of the employment contract?

• Are there any additional benefits (including Christmas bonus, vacation pay, expenses, overtime, shift supplements, Sundays and public holidays) and how are these endowed?